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5 signs you need a massage
5 signs you need a massage
May 18, 2017

Our overworked bodies need relaxation and time off to completely rest and rejuvenate. Massage has been known to provide that much-needed break to the body. But how do you know that your body needs a massage? Well, it gives signs and signals, which shouldn’t be ignored.

We have provided you a little cheat sheet below.

  1. You have pain in the neck, back or shoulders
  2. Pain is a very strong signal our body gives us to highlight something is not right with it. But in the busy and competitive world, we often tend to ignore our body’s signals and continue with our occupied schedule. Take a moment to listen to your body and act upon it. Most likely a massage by professionals will help you get relief from the pain and prevent it from getting worse.

  3. You are training
  4. Physical activity causes wear and tear on the muscles. Moreso, if you are undertaking physical training, consider getting a professional body massage to relax and detox the muscles. Assuming that in your active lifestyle there is no room to slow down for a massage is a misconception. Even the best athletes with the fittest body need a regular massage to take care of the muscles and to fine tune it for better stamina and performance.

  5. You are not getting enough sleep
  6. Be it long working hours, stressful work environment or staying glued to the handheld devices in your bed till way past midnight, sleep deprivation is a growing concern among most individuals. When your body does not get an adequate amount of sleep to relax and heal the body, it starts showing symptoms in increased irritation and short temper. A massage can help calm yourself and reset your body clock helping it to get enough sleep.

  7. You’ve been getting headaches
  8. Detecting the cause of a headache is difficult but most often it is related to an individual’s lifestyle and work habits. A wrong body posture, tight muscles around the back and the neck, shallow breathing due to stress are just some of the common reasons for a chronic headache. Touch therapy, in the form of a gentle massage of the forehead and the surrounding neck and shoulder muscles, is proven to provide relief.

  9. Your physical movement and motion are restricted
  10. If restricted body movement is preventing you from carrying out simple day to day activities like crossing your legs, touching your toes, a body massage customised specific to the body part can help bring more flexibility. Massage relaxes muscle tissue, reduces nerve compression, joint space and increases circulation. This helps improve the body movement to an extent.